Digital Machine Learning


Developing the MyStream modules, we realised that the levels of differentiation that we wanted to provide within lessons would not be suffice.

Therefore our team looked at different ways that we could provide tailored learning to all students that ...came signed up for modules. From the very beginning we began looking at using an online platform to provide this differentiated learning.

A solution of using a grid was proposed to differentiate the learning, on the x axis of the grid would run the six levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy, ranging from simple low order thinking activities that could reinforce learning and provide our students with a solid foundation of the topic. On the y axis, the Gardner’s Eight Different Intelligences were listed, each of these intelligences being different ways that the child could become engaged with their learning. By combining Bloom’s Taxonomy with Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences, the grid can generate 48 different activities to engage students, ranging from simple remembering activities to much more complex creating activities, and offering these activities in a range of different styles, from musically based activities, to logically based activities. With ten chapters per book, and 48 different activities that could be generated from a grid per chapter. Each module is able to push out 480 different activities for the student to explore and be engaged with - enriching their knowledge.

However, having a two dimensional grid was not the limit for audtech+. However, having a two dimensional grid was not the limit for audtech+. Instead the company introduced a third axis to the grid, transforming it from a grid to MyCube. This third axis was the STREAM axis, which allowed for the two previous axis to specifically hone into each of the different elements of STREAM Learning (Science, Digital Technologies, Reading and wRiting, Engineering Technologies, Art, and Maths). This third axis increased the number of possible activities of 288 per chapter to a grand total of 2880 per module. With this amount of activities, it is also possible to provide sets of activities that cover each of the curriculum areas for each of the elements of STREAM.

You can preview MyGrid here:

CUBE (Coming Soon)

We are developing a real time assessment model at the moment. Each piece of content can be curriculum aligned and can be highlighted.

And our long term goal is to have a massive educational platform built that we believe will be an educational game changer.

The adaptability of the audtech+ CUBE has industrial applications and would fit seamlessly into any existing and future Learning Management Systems.