Our Tools

Educators can use the ready made educational SPHERO programs across all levels within their classroom.

RVR is definitely an upgrade and challenges students, programmers, hackers to code and build upon their knowledge of robotics. Its choc-full of features that allows ease of connection with third-party hardware to go beyond code and steam activities.

OSMO has puzzles and problems for all ages. Its hands on problem solving are great for improving fine motor skills for all students.

Merge Cube
The Merge Cube. This fantastic visual tool helps students explore and sort individual and group task.

NINTENDO LABO: Teachers would love to utilise this educational tool. Various opportunities allow students to develop and learn.

State of the art learning tool recommended for the 21st century class. Allows teachers to conduct lessons within the classroom walls and beyond. Stream lessons or workshop live to individuals or groups of students without the concerns of geographical concerns. The in-built LMS provides an added feature for teaching, learning and training for all institutions.

The educational landscape is constantly evolving. Be present and be ahead of the future educational technical demands.